A dilemma!

Ok so iam going to apologise in advance for offending anybody’s sensitivities & what the heck so far dis is an anonymous blog for all i am concerned so lets be brutally honest!

So heres the problem.Celibacy.In our society physical relationships are taboo. guys dont get married until they can support a family,which means usually the age of around 25-30 & girls until they get a rishta or complete their education..Now up till then they are expected to remain chaste.
Given the state of things that are today wid media is this not a recipe for disaster.There is frustration and what not.

But is there a solution?Unless parents can afford to support their son’s family while he still studies dere is no way out for surely i am not advocating fornication!



  1. hahaha

    whatta great post… you are so very right. what is actually far more disturbing that this reality leads to boys being super horny all the time, and paying hookers. after that, they feel really guilty and mentally decide that the woman they marry must be chaste and pure, otherwise she would be no different from the whore they just paid.

    that way, they can never have healthy, fulfilling married relationships – because they can’t expect the woman they marry to be even remotely sexy. yet they still enjoy the company of women they’re not married to who are being flirty etc.

    what a disaster…

    • doodles101 Said:

      Indeed its a real disaster but the trouble is there is no solution to this problem, unless our culture changes and people figure out a way to marry n support themselves while they r still studying…but with the skyrocketing inflation…its not easy to run a household for students!

  2. deluded Said:


    I beg to disagree.

    guys dont really have to wait till they can support their family, and girls dont really need to complete their education either.

    suppose they DO get married before such things

    wouldnt that be the solution to this dilemma?

  3. deluded Said:

    hmm. I think I may need to elaborate on that!

    they can marry, but live at their original homes until lets say, the guy starts earning.

    that way, the promise of the future keeps it stable.

    and since theyre married already…….hmm…..things work out? for both the problems?

    • doodles101 Said:

      Its a solution…but not quite practical if u suggest they live at their original homes…and you know how it is
      Mummmy says tumhari shadi nahin karoon ge jab tak tumhari naukri na lagi…
      n if the guy is already married well then he may well think what the hurry to look for a job lets enjoy daddys income
      n risky for girl…if the guys future is not secure in terms of job n all…parents of the girl wudnt agree either…unless the family is so well-off that it can support their son
      but a solution nonetheless…

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