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With the advent of Ramadan all these programs have cropped on tv with religious scholars giving advice and sharing information.The trouble is they represent so many different shades of Islam that the average viewer is confused as to whom to listen to and follow.
But our ever-trusting nation chooses to believe what it hears religiously.
TV is a n excellent medium to propogate religious knowledge but it has to be authentic.It would be so much better if the anchors of such religious shows gave references from Quraan and Ahadeeth instead of voicing their personal opinions and observations.

I am personally at a loss to decide whether i should tune in to such shows and if so which one?



  1. deluded Said:


    theres a good show I like thats really unbiased, informative about life and religion and makes you look at life in another way.

    I think.


    it was


    tom and jerry.

    I do believe they show it on cartoon network.

    • doodles101 Said:


      I got younger siblings so i watch i religiously watch tom n jerry,n rugrats n phenes n ferb,baby looney toons(I think got the spellin wrong)…but truely cartoons r more rational and engaging then most soaps and talk shows!

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