History Revisited:Saqoot-e-Dhaka

Today is December 16th.On this day 38 years ago Pakistan was dismembered.Its important to revisit our history.Unfortunately today we wish to turn our eyes away from the bitter past.A proof of this is the fact that our national curriculum does not give an account of the events that led to the east west Pakistan divide.An entire generation is growing up unaware of the circumstances and the events that led to the fall of Dhaka.

An interesting insight on learning from history is present on the following link.


Currently Pakistan is facing political and economic turmoil and now more than ever there is a need for national unity.This year on Pakistan’s independence day our fellow countrymen in Balochistan chose to raise black flags.


Our pathan bretheren are not too happy about the developments in NWFP either.

Thankfully the government is taking some interest in uniting all the provinces.The NFC award whereby all provinces agreed to share resources is a heartening development.As is the tabling of the Balochistan package in the National Assembly.But there is a long way to go.The sentiments of ethnic divides and grudges run deep and will take more time and sincere efforts to erase.

We need to learn from the mistakes of our past. We have to face the dark chapters of our history and not forget them when recounting the glorious eras of the past.

Long Live Pakistan!


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