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Breakfast Shows

I have my classes in the noon and a habit of getting up early in the morning.So I find myself watching all the morning shows…well what the heck someone has to watch them.

There is an intense rivalry between The Nadia Khan Show & Good Morning Pakistan each host firing indirect comments on each other.


But its a sure treat for the viewers as each show tries to outdo the other in inviting celebrities as guests.Today Shoaib Malik was on Nadia Khan show and the cliche ‘Dont judge a book by its cover’ sure fits on this guy.Anyway I kind of like Nadia’s quick wit,spontaneity and the way she connects with people but somehow I feel that she has lost ‘the touch’ after her comback from maternity leave.Its not all that fun anymore,despite the intense efforts to jazz it all up with new segments and a classy animated title.


Meanwhile Shaista is trying really hard to retain the viewership that she managed to clinch while Nadia was away.The wedding week was superb.Absolutely amazing however a difficuult feat to follow up on.

Overall there is a degree of cheapness prevalent in the shows in the quest to make the show entertaining sometimes guest n most times the host manage to say naughty things ever so innocently.Oh well freedom of expression!


The rest of the shows are just getting by.Actually Farah of Atv is a rather decent and mature lady but of course they dont have the kind of resources that private channels have at their disposal.But Ayesha Sana of ptv is not a good compere and the Tvone hostess has such an annoying voice!Ghazal is soft-spoken n all but still the show is boring.

uond-ic8h5eBut these breakfast shows sure have made mornings brighter for women throughout the country n pardesis abroad.N hosts claim that even men watch the repeat broadcast of the shows…what is the world coming to?! 😛


SOme are real pros but Watch out for the info thats provided by the some of the experts on these shows.For everybody who is anybody seems to come on the show to offer their ‘expert opinion’.