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Rest in Peace?


Do these fellows get to rest in peace….


Inside Quaid-e-Azams Masoleum

maocoffinMao Se Tung

people swarming their final place of resting ,these places have literally become tourist sites…i kind of feel sorry for them!



Its wierd really but i want to be so many things and be at so many places.

I want to be able to study in all the great universities of the world.Harvard,Yale,MIT,Oxford,LSE,Cambridge.

I want to study pschycology,genetic engineering,forensics,medicine,economics,foreign relations,politics,history,architecture,fashion design,food ,nutrition,journalism and law.

By the same token i want to be a philanthropist,librarian,lawyer,talk show host,freelance writer,entrepreneur,journalist,photographer,fashion designer and a chef too!N definitely a traveller to go to lots of new places around the world and soak in the culture and the environment,the smells and the sounds.

But living in reality i just stick to google n wikipedia n howstuffworks for basic info in my areas of interest.n for being all those things i dream 😛

Colors of the Sky

Dawn Break

Dawn Break

Its just so incredibly beautiful.When dawn breaks and the colors spread gradually into the sky.


Same goes when the sun sets.Especially on the beach.Its simply breathtaking! Forget meditation this is the way to sooth nerves and the magic is special if dusk & dawn is observed in natural settings.


Beyond dusk & dawn the sky presents a special color at other times of the day too!

Cosmetic Surgery:Going Too far?

As the adage goes beauty is only skin deep. With surgical incisions being made to penetrate the skin and enhance features it makes me wonder whether beauty is not skin deep after all! Our perception of what constitutes good looks has changed dramatically. We seek perfection in our appearance; the detection of the slightest scar, wrinkle or bulge results in desperate attempts to get rid of it. People are determined to look like Greek gods and goddesses, nothing less seems to make do. Cosmetic surgery is considered the key to mending strained relationships, finding Mr. /Miss Right, weight loss and feeling upbeat about one’s self.

Procedures such as tummy tucks, botox injections, liposuction, breast augmentation/lift, facelift, laser hair removal, laser skin resurfacing are extremely popular.

Cosmetic surgery is a multi-million dollar industry and firms are jumping to make money out of it. Fashion and lifestyle magazines give it extensive coverage and celebrities are almost like product ambassadors. Firms are exploiting people’s insecurities about the way their body looks and making lots of money out it.

It concerns me that we now associate our sense of well-being only by the way we look. Surely there is a better way to feel elated. Our sense of self-worth does not have to come from how perfectly curved our body is or how we have defeated all signs of ageing. As Helen Keller said
“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched but are felt in the heart.”

Moreover exactly how far is going too far?
In the words of William Blake
“You never know what enough is until you know what is more then enough.”


I have been wondering quite for some time now…Why exactly do people have to suffer pain and anguish particularly for no fault of theirs…why is there so much suffering in the world?

Hunger,disease,brutal crimes against humanity


 Perhaps so that we can count our blessing and be thankful for what we have…perhaps to put our own problems in prespective but what if you are at the recieving end of it?

What then?