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Book Review: The Reluctant Fundamentalist

I recently finished reading ‘The Reluctant Fundamentalist’ by Mohsin Hamid.To be honest the book wasnt upto my expectations.I have previously read ‘Moth Smoke’ by Mohsin and that book was a real treat.

A young Pakistani man narrates his story at a chai khana to a forigner about his life in the States. How he was a top student there and later got picked by a top form for a job.However after 9/11 he started feeling an identity crisis and felt lost.

Although this book is interesting but it is not as insightful and engaging as Moth smoke.There are lots of angels and issues that could have been discussed with regard to Fundamentalism and the western phobia with bearded men in general and Pakistani men in particular.
If you are a Mohsin Hamid fan skip this book!


Aalim Online

With the advent of Ramadan all these programs have cropped on tv with religious scholars giving advice and sharing information.The trouble is they represent so many different shades of Islam that the average viewer is confused as to whom to listen to and follow.
But our ever-trusting nation chooses to believe what it hears religiously.
TV is a n excellent medium to propogate religious knowledge but it has to be authentic.It would be so much better if the anchors of such religious shows gave references from Quraan and Ahadeeth instead of voicing their personal opinions and observations.

I am personally at a loss to decide whether i should tune in to such shows and if so which one?

Holidays are not the solution!

We have a holiday for everything.Now granted that the May 12 carnage was a tragic event and a black day for Karachi but announcing a holiday on its anniversary is hardly sensible.

Karachi is the financial lifeline of iur country and we are facing hard times as it is. The last thing we need is to reduce productivity what little we have.

Instead those who are sincere in their grief and concern for the horrific turn of events on that day should launch an inquiry into the perpetuatirs of the crime and bring them to task. The investigation findings should be made public and the guilty punished.

But in a country where even high-profile murders remain a mystery this maybe too much to ask for.

May Allah protect our country and may peace prevail.Amen

Perception vs Reality

There are three dimensions to who we are.
Who we think we are
Who we try to be.
Who we actually are.

Now adding

What others think we are.

Flower Power

I am quite a fan of gajras and they are not quite readily available in Islamabad.In Karachi there are kids selling them at traffic signals.I kind of miss that.Anyways went to Karachi last week for my cousin’s Nikah and obviously went to buy gajras.



Business thrives during wedding sesson.


“The world is governed by very different personage from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes”
– Benjamin Dislaeli

NATO Summit

Not going into the politics of it but the pomp & cermony of it all is so mesmerizing.World leaders meeting ,walking together accross the bridge from france to germany.Quite a visual treat.This is better then award ceremonies!

Falling in Love with Lahore

I have finally visted Lahore.And Lahore is everything that they say and more.Its absolutely incredible and mesmerizing.I am totally in love with Lahore & envy all the people lucky enough to live there! Its a city with a rich culture and history and a unique character.

In four days I managed to see some of the most popular tourist attractions. I went to Wagah border and boy the TV footage does no justice to the actual ambience & atmosphere of the place!

Wagah Border

The atmosphere was really charged a lot of slogan chanting going on and emotions were running high!All in all a spectacular experience,everyone should visit at least once.

Flag Lowering Ceremony

Flag Lowering Ceremony

Of course Minar-e-Pakistan,Badshahi Mosque & Lahore fort were next on the list. The Lahore Fort (interior) is looking shabby for lack of maintenance…is there a lack of fund I wonder. The Race course park was really amazing but so many parks that I couldnt visit.Oh well next time.

Lahore Fort Entrance

Lahore Fort Entrance

 The famous Sheesh Mahal in all its glory.

Sheesh Mahal

Sheesh Mahal

The government college Lahore is absolutely gorgeous what an amazing setting to study in…lucky Ravians!The Lahore Museum is really good and a pleasant suprise best museum in Pakistan i think.This ceiling at Lahore Museum was painted by the famous Pakistani artist Gulzar.

Museum Ceiling

Museum Ceiling

 Here are some rather stylish pics of Jinnah.

Jinnah Pics

Jinnah Pics

 Anarkali bazaar is so huge and it was fun roaming it but contrary to my expectations it was not cheap!

King Edward was nearby and i could see lots of med students in the bazaar nice respite. In fact there are so many med schools in the city.There is a healthy dose of everything.The shopping expereience is amazing.There are multiple outlets of every brand under the sun!I went to pace on the main boulevard and it really was a delight.The fortress stadium was also an incredible experience i went there every single day of my stay!And the food.Gosh there is food of every variety. I had a diverse experience in terms of food.There was the up scale Bundu Khan at fortress a classic example of Unchi Dukaan Pheeka Pakwan! n then the other places were really gud there was haji sardar on peeko road real gud food!n someplace in muzang n anarkali food street n the nashta very scrupmtious but heavy….a blessing that we were so much on the go that we digested it all!

The Lahore cantt area is beautiful with trees lining both sides of the roads and of course the land is so fertile so very well-maintained lawns.Oh and the Lahore zoo  houses such rare animals ,a real treat. Beautiful place and well-maintained.







The thing that adds character to the city is the old trees.Then the buildings from the Mughal & British era.The traffic on the roads- only in Lahore can you find tongas,rickshaws,donkey-carts,motorcycles and mercedes on the same road!

A Majestic tree at Lahore Zoo

A Majestic tree at Lahore Zoo

Overall impression of the city is that there is this consumerism culture thriving a living ad of coca-cola’s Kha le,Pe le, Jee le.

I am in love with Lahore and have run out of adjectives to describe the city that is the heart of Pakistan. Seeing is believing!