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An Ode to a Great Teacher

Well I am graduating this year and I have had all kinds of teachers…the good…the medicore….the lazy…the obnoxious…and to be honest am already starting to feel the nostalgia.At this rate i will be needin a tissue box when i graduate.

But where was I? yeah the great teacher part..This semester our Development Economics professor Mr Khalid Farooq was phenomenoal. He actually made us think! And he managed to earn the respect and admiration of everybody in class which is a rare thing.

Studyin US textbooks is great but quite often the relevance is not there for us but in this course we plunged into Pakistan’s problems poverty,unemployment,debt,population,agriculture,education and we tore each issue apart analysed the facts and really discussed the solutions.

It really opened my eyes to what the future holds for us. To say we are in for tough times ahead would be an understatement. Half our popularization is food insecure.This Jan 1 gas and electricity prices increased by 18% an12% respectively. And we have to put up with the load shedding.Our debt burden is increasing and Allah knows how many generations will have to service this burden.

The truth is I read all this stuff in the news we hear it on tv but the impact this class had on me was still great. Listening and watching the news reports is one thing and sitting down and actually starting to think about the ramifications is quite another…

Mr Khalid Farooq shared his experiences from his days in NAB,world bank,telecom sector and his tunnel farming venture and how life in the village is…each anecdote opened doors to new worlds and it truly was an amazing experience

So thank You sir for making me think

It has been an honor.

We need more teachers like you!